What is Orthodontics? Know About Removable and Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

Are you unhappy due to your crooked teeth? It’s time to bring happiness back into your life by saying hello to orthodontists in Dubai. Orthodontics is a famous treatment for repositioning teeth and jaws which are not positioned properly. In this article, you will know what is Orthodontics, how does it work and what are different removable and fixed orthodontic appliances you can find in a dental clinic in Dubai > https://dubaiconfident.com/.

What is Orthodontics?

It is a branch of dentistry which deals with correcting dispositional jaw and teeth. People having crooked teeth often feel it hard to clean their teeth properly. Teeth that don’t fit properly are always at high risk of tooth decay. Improperly shaped teeth cause extra stress on the chewing muscles. And this stress is a major cause of back, neck and shoulder pain. Many people experience a constant headache due to chewing muscle stress. Another drawback of crooked teeth is that your overall appearance adversely gets affected by it.
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When you get orthodontic treatment in Dubai, then you can get properly shaped teeth which enhance your aesthetic appearance and help you maintain oral hygiene. Another major benefit is that you can avoid the risk of tooth decay.

Who is an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a specialist in orthodontics. He is a dentist who completes an additional two years to get complete training and education of all kinds of orthodontic treatment.

When do you need to see an Orthodontist in Dubai?

A good candidate for orthodontic treatment is one who experiences any of the following conditions.

  • Overbite: When your upper front teeth lie forward over the lower teeth then this situation is known as overbite or buck teeth.
  • Underbite: In case your lower teeth are far forward or upper front teeth are far back then it is a condition named under-bite. It brings bull-dog kind appearance which is certainly unpleasant.
  • Crossbite: When you bite, your upper teeth don’t go slightly down in front of lower teeth.
  • Open bite: You see a space between upper teeth or side teeth when back teeth bite together.
  • Spacing: You see an unwanted gap between teeth due to missing teeth or teeth which doesn’t fill up together.
  • Misplaced midline: When the center of your front teeth is not in proper alignment with the center of your lower teeth.
  • Overcrowding: More than required or too many teeth in your dental bridge.

Orthodontics Procedure

When you visit an Orthodontist in Dubai, he will determine your candidacy for the treatment through different tests. A Clinical exam is a must. He will take an X-rays or some photographs to get a complete idea about your bite. Besides, he will take into account your full dental and medical history. After evaluating your case, he determines what kind of orthodontic treatment is right for you. And he will develop a complete treatment plan based on your requirements.

How does Orthodontics work?

You will get either fixed or removable dental appliances which put pressure on your teeth, jaw, and mouth. An orthodontic appliance moves your teeth, retrain your jaw muscles, and positively affect jaw growth. It keeps moving your teeth into their desired position.

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

Below you can explore both fixed and removable appliances used for teeth repositioning.

Fixed Appliances comprise off:

  1. Orthodontic braces: It is the most common and widely used type of appliance. Braces are designed for the band, wires, and brackets. Bands work as an anchor for wires setting while archwires are passed through brackets. An orthodontist in Dubai tight these wires which in turn put tension on the teeth and move them gradually to their desired position. Orthodontists braces are available for both kids and adults. Colorful wires and brackets are available only for kids, so they can choose their favorite bands and feel comfortable with their orthodontic treatment.
  2. Special fixed appliances: If you are facing problems like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting then special devices are designed to deal with such issues.
  3. Fixed Space maintainers: When your baby lost his baby tooth before time then you need to protect space left by temporary tooth. The fixed space maintainer is a band attached to the tooth next to that space and a wire is attached to it from another side of the space. This appliance will keep the space open until permanent baby tooth flare-ups.

Removable appliances are as following:

  1. Aligners: Adults who are looking for an alternative to traditional braces can opt for aligners. Many Dubai orthodontists offer virtually invisible, removable aligners. They work exactly like fixed appliances. However, you can remove them for eating, brushing and flossing as and when you need them.
  2. Removable space maintainers: They are made of an acrylic base that fits perfectly over the jaw and brings plastic or wire branches between teeth to maintain the space. They work exactly like fixed space maintainers but you can easily remove then when need arises.

Wrap up: 

Always pick the best orthodontist, so you can get beautifully shaped teeth. Traditional fixed braces cost you less than modern removable appliances. But when you want your orthodontic treatment to remain unnoticeable then removable aligners seem like the right treatment choice.

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