Broad range of computer software topics, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, driverless vehicles, and neuromorphic wetware

December 16, 2023

Computer Software News

Computer software news is a broad category that can cover a lot of different things. Whether you want to learn about new programming languages or stay on top of security issues, there is plenty of information out there to keep you up to date.

Generally, it’s best to get your tech news from sources that specialize in the specific area you’re interested in. For example, MacRumors is a great source for Apple-specific news.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is computer software that mimics human-like thought processes and behaviour. It incorporates intentionality and adaptability, allowing it to learn as it goes along, enhance people’s performance, and augment their capabilities. But it can also scare people with doomsday scenarios sensationalized by movie-makers and cause them to question whether AI technology is making a positive contribution or endangering the essence of humanity.

Several high-profile companies are using AI tools to make business more efficient and effective. For example, the Associated Press generated 12 times more earnings news stories by training its AI to do the work, freeing up journalists to write more in-depth pieces. Other examples include using AI to make better decisions in the workplace, such as identifying suspicious transactions, and improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through analyzing customer data. And a company called Absci has developed an AI platform that allows doctors to find the best drug for a patient’s condition by analysing medical records.

Quantum Computing

For years, quantum computing was a flashy topic that spurred competition among experts to see who could build the best systems. But the era of record-setting results seems to be over. Instead, researchers are now heads-down and focused on real world applications.

One of those applications will be to factorize large numbers, which is a crucial task in cryptography. Another will be to find prime numbers, which are numbers that can only be divided by themselves and 1. This process is the basis for one of the most popular forms of data encryption, RSA.

Colorado has significant quantum activity with a number of companies including Atom Computing, Quantinuum, IonQ, and Infleqtion. The state also has a research institute, the Joint Center for Quantum Information and Technology.

Driverless Vehicles

Software errors can occur, even in sophisticated self-driving systems. A recent accident involving a Cruise vehicle that crashed into a highway lane divider showed how difficult it is for autonomous cars to identify and respond to complex objects, including people and animals.

Autonomous passenger vehicles may reduce traffic accidents and make commutes more efficient, but they could also displace millions of drivers and raise ethical questions about their use. Some Americans are anxious about giving up control of their vehicles to machines, while others worry that driverless cars would exacerbate economic inequality by eliminating jobs for truckers and people who work as taxi or Uber drivers.

Despite these concerns, many Americans want to see self-driving vehicles on the road. More than half of adults who have heard a lot about the technology say they want to ride in one. By contrast, just 39% of those who have heard only a little want to do so.

Neuromorphic Wetware

A new form of computer software is emerging that merges the ideas of hardware and software. Instead of using silicon and electrical circuitry, neuromorphic wetware uses organic material such as neurons to act as a computational device.

This approach to computer software differs from traditional methods that use binary code to represent instructions and data. Instead, the biological structure of a neuron uses discrete shifts in chemical conformation and electrical pulses to communicate a message.

Scientists have used this method to create a chip that mimics the brain’s neural microcircuits. They used a material called vanadium oxides, which has been shown to have non-volatile memory properties similar to those found in the human brain.

This type of neuromorphic computer chip could improve the performance and energy efficiency of artificial intelligence systems. It would be able to perform tasks such as perception and cognition in a manner that is closer to the way the human brain does it, while saving a significant amount of energy.

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